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Spinning Poodle Games: Low-Tech Entertainment for the 21st Century

About Us

Welcome to Spinning Poodle Games! We’re just trying change the world by getting more people to have fun.

We design and make a range of very simple, low-tech, award-winning silly games.

Doing The Right Thing

We are trying to do the right thing. Although it feels like a drop in the ocean, we are aware of the impact what we do has and working to be good about it.

  • We use UK suppliers and manufacturers wherever we can – our aim is to make our games 100% in the UK from 100% UK produced components. This supports UK industry and reduces the impact of transporting parts around the world.
  • We use sustainable materials where we can – for example, although our pens look like they are made from plastic, the barrels are actually made from wheat straw so they are biodegradable.
  • Our small boxes also mean we use less cardboard, and we use local printers to reduce the impact of transporting materials to our factory.
  • We sell spares and offer free replacements for some parts, to keep our games in operation for as long as possible.
  • We’re working hard to achieve a Net Zero carbon impact.

Small Boxes

There’s an odd trend with game manufacturers to conceal perfectly good games within disproportionally large boxes. We don’t feel the need to exaggerate our contents in this way – in fact we’re very proud how much we can squeeze into our lovely little boxes.

This also frees up space on your shelves, it means our games make great little gifts and are easy to carry in a manbag / handbag or take on holiday.

Company Information

Spinning Poodle Limited registered in England and Wales number 12296155

Registered office: First Floor Offices, 36 Bridge Street, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HP

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