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Hide The Slug

Hide The Slug is a funny family card game loosely based on the classic card game ‘Cheat’. Instead of a regular pack of cards, we have fruit cards and slug cards – players are only allowed to play the fruit cards, so they have to sneak the slugs in without anyone noticing. The rules are very simple – each player places cards face down on a central pile and they say what they are playing as they place the cards. Anyone who thinks they are playing something different calls the player out – if they were right, the cheater has to take all of the cards, if they were wrong, the challenger has to take all of the cards.

It’s a very simple game, but fantastically funny – you try and bluff and double bluff your opponents into picking up the slug cards. Those pesky slugs pop up everywhere.

Works really well for mixed age groups.

52 brightly coloured cards in a sturdy travel sized tin.

2022 Right Start award winner.

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