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Hand Made Card Kits – Design Your Own Dad Card Instructions

The video below shows how to assemble each part of the Dad Design Your Own hand made card kit. This kit has a selection of parts from all our other kits to enable you to work out your own design.

Our top tips are:

  • Start by gluing the rainbow together – stick the orange to the red part, the yellow to the orange part, green to the orange part, etc.
  • It’s easiest to put the glue on the next rainbow part instead of on the rainbow you’ve already assembled.
  • Next glue the yellow beer parts to the white beer glasses.
  • It’s easiest to put the glue on the yellow part.
  • Finally glue the white football fronts to the black football backs.
  • It’s easiest to put the glue on the white part, although it’s tricky not to get sticky fingers.
  • One side of the white football fronts has a slightly darker outline from the laser cutter – we prefer to put the glue on that side but you may prefer the darker side facing out.
  • Use foam pads to stick the beer glasses, footballs, hearts and stars onto the coloured squares.
  • We’ve included a few spares to give you some options, so work out which parts you are going to use in your design.
  • Test laying everything out on the card before you start sticking everything down.
  • Make sure you have the card the right way round – have the opening on the right or at the bottom.

Don’t forget to share a photo of your work – we love to see what you make!

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