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How To Play Simple Charades


Charades is a fun game for 2 players or more.


Charades is a great game where one player tries to act out something for the other players to guess.

The person doing the acting is not allowed to say anything – the other players have to guess what they doing only from their actions.

The Simple Charades card game has a set of picture cards with fun things to act out.

There are three sets of cards with different levels of difficulty:

You can either mix all of the colours up, or keep them in sets so that you can choose which difficulty to try.

The green cards are easy, great for younger players.

The yellow cards are trickier, for more experienced players.

The red cards are much harder, great for experts or parents.

How To Play

It’s a simple game! First shuffle the cards, then pick one and try and act out what’s shown on the card for the other players to guess.

Keep trying different things until someone guesses correctly. Remember you are not allowed to say anything.

The person who guesses correctly gets to keep that card, and it becomes their turn to act.

The first person to collect five cards wins the game.

Speed Run

After you have played the games a few times, you will start to remember the cards. When that happens, try the Speed Run game where you have to act all the cards in the game as quickly as possible.

You can either work through all the cards of one difficulty, or for an extra challenge do all of the cards in the whole game.

Replacement Cards

We now offer a free replacement cards service for lost or damaged cards – so you can keep playing for longer. Please click here to request your replacement cards.

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