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How To Play Slug Sandwich


Slug Sandwich is a simple card game for 2 players or more.

Everyone knows the best sandwiches contain a mix of different ingredients! In Slug Sandwich, you have to make a sandwich with two slices of bread and five different types of ingredients – and one of the ingredients must be a slug! The first person to assemble a complete sandwich wins.

The Cards

The Slug Sandwich card deck contains four types of cards.

There are 7 different coloured sets of ingredient cards:

7 pairs of different bread cards:

6 red dig cards:

and 3 slug star cards:


To win the game you must collect a set of cards to make a sandwich that contains:

      • Two matching bread cards
      • Five ingredients cards.


There are some extra rules about which ingredients are allowed in a perfect slug sandwich:

      • Each ingredients card must be a different colour.
      • Each ingredients card must have a different number.
      • One of the ingredients must be a purple slug card, since every slug sandwich must contain a slug!

A winning sandwich could look like this:

You will see that this sandwich includes two matching bread cards, five different coloured ingredients cards, numbered 1-5, including one purple slug card. That’s a winning hand!

How To Play

      1. Take out the slug star cards and put them to one side (you will use these later).
      1. Shuffle all of the other cards and deal out seven cards, face down to each player playing the game. (Seven cards is the perfect number of ingredients for a slug sandwich).
      1. Put all of the remaining cards in a pile face down in the middle of the table. Take the top card off the pile and place it face up on the table.
      1. Decide who goes first – it should be the youngest player if it’s the first round, or the winner of the previous round.
      1. Players take it in turns to pick up one card from one of the two piles on the table – they can choose to take either the card they can’t see from the face down pile, or the card they can see from the face up pile. After taking one card, they must put one of their other cards down on the face up pile. So after each turn, players will always have seven cards each.
        • It’s OK to put down the same card you just picked up.
      1. Players are normally only allowed to take the card from the top of the piles, however the red dig cards allow you to dig through the cards in the face up pile and find the one you need. If you have a red dig card and you want to use it, first play this card on the face up pile and then dig down to find the card you need. The next player can pick up the dig card and use it again later, but they can’t pick a dig card and use it on the same go.
        • You are not allowed to use the dig card on the face down pile.
        • It’s OK to put down a dig card and not dig if you don’t want to.
      1. The first player to complete a sandwich containing two matching types of bread, five different coloured ingredients including one slug card wins the game!
      1. For a longer game, the winner of each round is awarded a slug star card. The first person to collect three slug star cards is the champion. If all three slug star cards have been awarded to different players, players can steal one of the stars from any other player.

Replacement Cards

We now offer a free replacement cards service for lost or damaged cards – so you can keep playing for longer. Please click here to request your replacement cards.

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