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Simple Charades


Simple Charades a fun set of 54 brightly coloured charades picture cards in a beautiful little tin!

Simple Charades is s simple set of 54 fun charades picture cards for kids and families to act out. It’s a very simple game – pick a card from the pack and act it out for the other players to guess. Every card has a single picture and description – great for younger players. Cards are grouped into three levels of difficulty so mixed ages can play together.

• THREE LEVELS – cards are colour coded into three levels of difficulty – green easy cards for young, yellow medium cards for more of a challenge and red hard cards with sillier, harder mimes that are ideal for parents.

• POCKET SIZED TIN – 54 brightly coloured cards in a sturdy travel sized tin. Keep it in your manbag / handbag for entertainment emergencies.

• SPEED RUN – see how fast you can mime all the cards in a set for an expert level challenge.


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