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Slug Sandwich


Slug Sandwich is silly sandwich making card game for 2-6 players in a beautiful little tin!

Slug Sandwich is a very simple fun card game for kids and families. Players have to assemble a disgusting sandwich by collecting a set of seven ingredients cards. Ingredients include regular items such as cheese and tomato, and horrible items such as spiders and toothpaste.

• POCKET SIZED GAME – 58 brightly coloured cards in a sturdy travel sized tin – great for restaurants, pubs, holidays. Keep it in your manbag / handbag for entertainment emergencies.

• GREAT FOR SMALL GROUPS – works best with 2-4 players, a great game for mixed age groups. Kids, Parents and Grand Parents can all play together.

• QUICK OR LONGER GAMES – a game takes only a few minutes to play, or make it longer by collecting three Slug Star cards to become the ultimate champion.


Click here for the full instructions!

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